Athens police consider charges after dental dose of laughing gas

ATHENS, Ga. -- Police might file charges against a 48-year-old dental office employee found Tuesday night sedated by nitrous oxide during closing hours at the clinic.

Police were called about 9:40 p.m. to the dental office in east Athens by a family member, who went to the clinic after the woman did not return home, according to the report. The family members looked through a window and saw the woman in a dental chair with the nitrous oxide mask on her face.

They told police they beat on the window until they were able to rouse the woman. When she came outside, a medical unit was called to see if she was OK.

The woman told police she went to the office about 6 p.m. to do some paperwork. She said she has no idea why she put on the mask that provides nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas.

The officer released the woman to her family, but later, when he researched the gas, he found it is listed as a dangerous drug, according to the report. The officer noted that charges likely will be filed, but didn’t specify what charges.



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