2 charged with burglary after being found by North Augusta homeowner

A couple is in the Aiken County Detention Center after being caught by a homeowner during a burglary attempt and then barricading themselves in a North Augusta home Saturday morning, police said.


Tyler Patrick Moulton, 22, and Megan Marie White, 24, both of North Augusta, were in the process of burglarizing a home in the 700 block of West Martintown Road just after 10 a.m., when the homeowner arrived and called police after seeing the back door had been kicked in, authorities said.

According to the incident report, North Augusta Public Safety officers arrived and surrounded Kirby Ashe’s house.

An officer saw Moulton coming out a window, but he jumped back inside when he saw police.

Lt. Clay Swann called the SWAT team after homeowner Ashe told him there were weapons inside, the report said.

Before the SWAT team arrived, two officers went in the front door and saw Moulton trying to hide. He was arrested without incident.

While in the squad car, Moulton informed officers his girlfriend was upstairs in the house and scared. She surrendered and was arrested shortly after. Both were charged with burglary in the second degree, the report said.

Moulton and White had stacked things by the door that they were planning to take, Swann said.

Officers confiscated Moulton’s car at the scene and found two BB guns, a bag of silver utensils, a box of jewelry, a flat-screen TV, several gold spoons, and a bag of syringes and spoons.

The report said the BB guns and bag of syringes and spoons were to be destroyed, and the rest was placed into evidence.



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