Jurors hear defendant's taped confession in brutal slaying

Joseph L. Jordan

They planned to shoot Johnny Luckey from the start.


That’s what Joseph L. Jordan, 20, told a Richmond County sheriff’s investigator a day after he and three others were arrested on robbery and murder charges.

In the third day of testimony in Richmond County Superior Court, jurors heard Jordan’s confession to the shooting in a recorded interview with sheriff’s Investigator Mark Dobbins from May 11, 2011. The interview occurred five days after police say the group of teens executed their plan to shoot and rob 81-year-old Luckey, who was disabled and lived alone at the end of a secluded street off Tobacco Road.

In the recording, Jordan explains to Dobbins how he and Artavious Feazell hatched a plan, which later included two others they knew from time spent at the public alternative school on Bungalow Road.

It was what they called an “easy lick.” They would shoot Luckey and take his money, Jordan told Dobbins.

“Feazell said he had overheard a conversation by his cousin that Luckey didn’t believe in banks and had a lot of money at his residence,” testified Dobbins, referring to his conversation with Jordan.

Arrested with Jordan were Feazell, 19; Rufus Khalid-Durand Van, 18; and Tracy Lindsey, 17. Van, Lindsey and Feazell pleaded guilty to charges associated with the case in return for sentences of 20 years for Van, 25 years for Lindsey and life with the possibility of parole for Feazell. As part of their plea deals, the three agreed to cooperate with investigators and testify in Jordan’s trial.

Feazell backed out of that agreement Fri­day morning, refusing to testify.

His attorney, Kirk Gilliard, said his client had invoked his Fifth Amendment right, and as such, the judge could choose to vacate his sentence and force him to stand trial and face the possibility of life without parole.

Lindsey and Van did take the witness stand Friday, each giving testimony that placed a chrome 9mm pistol in Jordan’s hands the night of the slaying, May 6, 2011.

Lindsey, one of three who entered Luckey’s home, told jurors he saw Jordan point the pistol at Luckey’s kitchen window and heard him fire the shot.

Lindsey said he and Jordan had watched Luckey sitting on his couch through the window before Jordan took aim.

“He said, ‘I’m about to go ahead and shoot,’ ” Lindsey testified.

Lindsey said Jordan took the lead, breaking down the door and firing another shot into the victim’s stomach.

In the recorded interview, Jordan claims Luckey was still on the couch and breathing but otherwise unaware of his surroundings. He told Dobbins that Feazell – also known as Tay – urged him to fire again.

“Tay was like, ‘Go ahead and shoot him; you already shot him once,’ ” Jordan said in the recording.

Jordan said he fired again and the three set about searching the house. They came away with two lockboxes in a black duffle bag and left the fatally wounded Luckey on the floor, bleeding and still connected to his oxygen machine.

Fearing a neighbor had seen them, they bolted to the car, and Lindsey said he left the bag in the street.

In his testimony, Van, who was waiting behind the wheel of a black Mercedes in a nearby apartment complex, said that when the three returned to the vehicle he saw Jordan with a gun.

“When they got back into the car (Lindsey and Feazell) said, ‘He shot him,’ ” Van said, indicating they were referring to Jordan.

After sending Lindsey back for the dropped duffle bag, the four went to another man’s home, where Jordan said he had borrowed the pistol, and went through the lockboxes.

All they found were old check stubs and other papers, witnesses testified.

In the recording, Jordan told Dobbins the group was disappointed.

“That was a shame that the guy was killed for no reason,” Jordan said.

The trial continues Mon­day at 1 p.m.

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