Bond denied Friday to 42-year-old man accused of kidnapping, attempted rape


Bond was denied Friday for a man accused of kidnapping a woman pumping gas and threatening to kill her 2-year-old daughter.


Superior Court Judge Albert Pickett said Leonard Sapp, 42, is a flight risk and poses a threat to the community and the witnesses.

Sapp’s charges, including criminal attempted rape, kidnapping and carjacking, stem from the night of Sept. 26 when, investigators say, he crept up behind the 19-year-old woman as she pumped gas at the Kangaroo station at 1494 Jones St.

He stuck a knife to her side and forced her into her vehicle, then pointed the knife at the girl in the car seat and threatened to kill her if the woman didn’t comply with his demands, Assistant District Attorney Geoffrey Fogus said.

As the woman drove through Harrisburg, Sapp threatened to rape her, Fogus said. She steered into a yard and yelled at a woman outside to grab her daughter and “save her baby,” Fogus said.

The woman grabbed the child as the driver and Sapp struggled in her vehicle. The driver eventually tumbled out of the car and Sapp drove off, only to crash into a parked vehicle, Fogus said. Three men who witnessed the wreck chased Sapp as he ran off, and they held him down in a field until law enforcement officers arrived.

The prosecutor on Friday listed more than 10 arrests in Sapp’s criminal history, including domestic violence and kidnapping.

“The state opposes bond with everything I can,” Fogus said.

Defense attorney Tony Howard asked for a reasonable bond, stating that many of the charges against his client did not result in criminal convictions. Sapp’s niece and nephew said his actions were out of character for the man they knew.

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