Hand gesture leads to assault in road rage incident

A 19-year-old Dearing man told deputies he was assaulted after he made an obscene gesture at another driver Thursday afternoon.


Robert Britta told deputies the vehicle he was riding in was almost involved in a crash on Gordon Highway when a black Pontiac G6 with an Ohio license plate pulled out of Parham Road in front of the vehicle.

According to an incident report, the driver of the Pontiac pulled off to the shoulder of the road to allow the vehicle to pass. Witnesses said they believe the driver pulled off after realizing he had almost caused an accident.

Britta told deputies he made the hand gesture at the driver, who was described as an Asian male, as he passed.

When both vehicles stopped at the red light at Gordon Highway and Robinson Avenue, the driver of the Pontiac came to the rear passenger door where Britta was sitting and punched him several times in the face, resulting in a bloody nose.

The attacker fled the scene.