Macon female cops brawl in Waffle House parking lot

MACON, Ga. — Two female Macon police officers were involved in a brawl in a Waffle House parking lot during the weekend that led to one of them being charged with a crime and recommended for firing.


The Macon Telegraph reports that Anita M. Harrell and Courtney Coleman fought about 3:45 a.m. Saturday in the parking lot of the restaurant, according to a police report.

Harrell was charged later that morning with violation of her oath of office and is on administrative leave pending termination, according to a police news release. Contacted Monday, Harrell said she plans to appeal in hopes of keeping her job.

The incident began with Harrell and Officer George Witherspoon talking in the restaurant’s parking lot for about an hour, said Harrell, who had just left her part-time job and was off-duty.

Harrell said that she started dating Witherspoon about nine years ago and that he is the biological father of her 3-year-old child.

The couple broke up about a year and a half ago, Harrell said, but they have been “seeing each other” for the past eight months.

While the couple talked, Coleman arrived, which Harrell said surprised her.

Harrell admitted calling Coleman “a whore” within Coleman’s earshot, sparking the fight.

“She swung at me and missed, and I punched her,” Harrell said Monday.

Harrell said she punched Coleman in the face, slammed her to the ground and kicked her.


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