Court overturns Richmond County murder sentence

Georgia’s Supreme Court justices said today there was sufficient evidence to convict Donald Gamble Jr. for a 2007 homicide on Walker Street.


They also remanded Gamble’s case back to Richmond County Superior Court, however, after they determined he was improperly sentenced after a jury trial in 2008.

Evidence at his trial showed that the victim, Quamaine Rickman, was shot by Gamble during a drug deal that July 14. Gamble eluded authorities for several months until he was captured in Dade County, Fla.

Gamble’s appeal centered on the language Judge Carl Brown used to instruct the jury before it started deliberations. Jurors convicted Gamble of both felony and malice murder and possession of a firearm after two days of deliberations.

Justices decided that each of Gamble’s challenges was invalid and that the jury instructions were proper. They did find fault with the concurrent life sentences that Brown gave Gamble. Because there was a single victim, Gamble cannot be sentenced for both murder counts.

The justices vacated the sentence and remanded the case back to the lower court for a new sentence.

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