Grovetown man charged with beating ex-girlfriend




A Grovetown man was arrested late Wednesday after beating his ex-girlfriend unconscious, according to Columbia County authorities.

George Scott Dillard, 45, of Sugar Creek Drive, was charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping, burglary and two counts of cruelty to children.

Dillard’s 25-year-old ex-girlfriend called deputies, who found her beaten inside her Ridge Crossing apartment just after 9 p.m.

She told authorities that just before 9 p.m., she heard a knock at the door and found her 4-year-old son outside the door crying.

As she hugged him, the woman said she heard her 2-year-old son crying and saw him in his car seat in Dillard’s truck parked in front of her apartment.

The woman said she smelled alcohol on Dillard, so she grabbed her son and told Dillard to leave. Dillard yelled at her, called her names and followed the woman and her children to the apartment.

As she tried to close the door, the woman said Dillard forced his way into the apartment, shoved her down, straddled her and punched her in the face and head.

After several punches, Dillard stood up, kicked his ex-girlfriend in the ribs numerous times then stomped on her neck and head until she lost consciousness, according to authorities.

She said she woke up to more punches to the face but got away, crawled to the bedroom and tried to call 911.

The woman said Dillard grabbed her throat and threw her on the bed, where he straddled her and choked her unconscious while telling her, “I’m gonna kill you right here and now.”

She later managed to get away from Dillard long enough to crawl to the bathroom. He forced the door open, where he choked his ex-girlfriend unconscious again.

After regaining consciousness, the woman said she ran past Dillard out of the bathroom, but he grabbed her hair and dragged her back in, where he continued to punch her.

The property manager told deputies that Dillard was served with a warning to not trespass on the property and that he was no longer allowed there because he continually harassed his ex-girlfriend.

The manager said she denied Dillard when he asked about renting the apartment next to the woman and reminded him not to be on the property.

Emergency medical personnel told deputies that the woman suffered a severe concussion and likely had broken bones in both arms, her jaw and ribs.

Dillard continued to shout obscenities to everyone, including his ex-girlfriend, until he was taken to the Columbia County Detention Center. He is being held at the jail without bond.



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