Couple outsmart armed robbers



Editor's note: Police said Monday the story was apparently a fabrication and the man briefly held has been released without charges.

See: "Couple admit filing false report"

Quick thinking and calm under pressure helped a couple in their 20s foil an attempt by two armed men to rob them early Sunday morning.

According to a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office report, a 22-year-old Augusta man drove with a 27-year-old woman to the McTeer Food and Fuel at 4150 Windsor Spring Road in Hephzibah about 12:45 Sunday to buy gas, not knowing the station was closed.

When the man stepped out of his car, he was approached by two armed men. One was carrying a .38-caliber handgun and the other had an SKS assault rifle. The two told him to get back in his car and drive to the nearest ATM to withdraw as much money as possible.

The man drove with them to the BP gas station at 4101 Windsor Spring Road and approached the ATM but entered his PIN incorrectly, while the woman he was with told the clerk inside to call the police because they were being robbed.

Officers arrived shortly after, and both suspects fled behind the building, leaving the assault rifle in the backseat of the victim’s car. Officers caught 21-year-old Chad Hobbs and recovered his pistol and the abandoned assault rifle, but the other suspect escaped. Hobbs was charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and possession of a firearm during a crime.

The report said the victims lost only $2 in cash from the woman’s wallet during the robbery.

The other suspect, who carried and abandoned the assault rifle, is described as a black man, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and weighing 160 pounds.



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