Aiken police searching for driver who tried to hit officer

The Aiken Department of Public Safety is asking for the public’s help in identifying a car thief who tried to run over a police officer, causing the officer to fire his gun early Saturday.


Around 2 a.m., a man driving a stolen Ford F-150 linked to an earlier burglary and theft pulled into the parking lot of the Sunoco gas station at York Street and Rutland Drive.

When officer Oliver Hadden tried to stop the vehicle, the driver put the truck in reverse. Instead of pulling away, he turned the truck around and drove toward Hadden, Capt. David Turno said.

Hadden tried to take cover, but his path was blocked so he fired one shot at the driver, Turno said. Hadden was not hurt.

The man drove off onto Crosland Drive and Yates Street, where he jumped and ran from the truck.

Turno said the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is investigating the shooting as is standard when an officer fires his weapon.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

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