Woman loses $200 in scheme

NORTH AUGUSTA - A woman is out $200 after a man convinced her he was visiting from another country and needed her to hold onto his money while he ran to Augusta.


Around 9 p.m. Saturday, a 30-year-old woman went to North Augusta Public Safety to file a report of a robbery. She told officers around 3 p.m. two people approached her in Walmart and told her one of them had just arrived from another country and had been robbed in Augusta, a police report said.

He told her he had to go back to Augusta to get his passport but did not want to take the $3,200 he had on him in case he got robbed again. He said if she protected his money for him, he would double the money in her bank account.

The report said she went to the ATM and took out $200, which he added to the existing money, and asked her to keep it safe by putting it inside her pants. When she put it in her pocket, the man took the money back and demonstrated how to hide it, wrapping it in a “doo rag” and putting it in his own pants, down by his crotch. Then he retrieved it, and gave it to her.

Some time passed and the woman said when the man did not return, she realized he had switched the doo rags and the one she had was full of strips of newspaper.

North Augusta public safety officers said they will attempt to identify the flimflam thief through Walmart security cameras, the report said.