Burke County man accused of impersonating officer, theft arrested


A Burke County man who police said stole an ex-deputy’s identification and weapons and impersonated an officer is in custody.


According to Rich­mond County sheriff’s Sgt. Paul Evans, Jackie Marsh, 25, was doing work at the former Richmond County deputy’s home in December when a revolver and investigator and sheriff’s badges disappeared.

Investigator Darren Massey said that the badges were not issued by Richmond County and that officers typically buy their own.

An anonymous source told investigators that Marsh had been seen at Joe’s Under­ground restaurant in Augusta showing off the badge.

After obtaining a search warrant for Marsh’s Burke County home, investigators discovered the stolen items and two rifles that had also been taken from the former officer’s home.

Marsh is charged with of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, impersonating an officer and theft by taking.