Neighbor fires 100 shots near, but not at, Aiken County school

Nothing damaged; no one hit


A shooting near Oakwood-Windsor Elementary School was still being investigated Tuesday night, but police suspect it was a neighbor shooting on his own land, not at the school.

Around 4 p.m., the 25 children and a few teachers still there for after-school programs were locked in the school while the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office investigated, Capt. Troy Elwell said.

A teacher said she saw a man near U.S. Highway 78, close to an entrance to the school and then heard shots. Elwell said she apparently put the two together.

Police searched for the suspect, bringing in K-9 units, but discovered no evidence that someone was trying to shoot the school. Later in the evening, deputies received information that a neighbor had fired off more than 100 rounds on his property, which is legal. The shooter was about 300 yards from the school, Elwell said.



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