Clerk says men tried to rob Columbia County hotel

A hotel clerk called authorities early Wednesday to report two armed and disguised men tried to get into the hotel office.


The night clerk called 911 after seeing two men try to get into the office of the Red Roof Inn on Belair Frontage Road near Interstate 20, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

The clerk said that just before midnight Tuesday, two men with their faces covered with black cloths or shirts tried to get into the lobby of the hotel. They were unable to get in because the second set of doors is locked at night.

When the clerk realized the men were armed with shotguns or rifles, he said he reached over the counter for the phone and called 911. The men ran outside and behind the Econo Lodge next door.

Another hotel employee told deputies that she saw a third man – a white man wearing a green ski mask. The hotel manager said she has video surveillance footage of the attempted robbery.

Authorities were not able to find the men using a canine tracking team.



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