Aiken shooter's death ruled suicide by cop

The Aiken County coroner has ruled the death of Craig Jarvis, who killed his ex-wife and fired on officers May 17, as a suicide by cop.


The term is defined as “a suicidal incident whereby the subject engages in a consciously life-threatening behavior to the degree that it compels a police officer to respond with deadly force.”

Coroner Tim Carlton said Jarvis was shot several times after attempting suicide. He did not specify which shot resulted in Jarvis’ death.

“He did not initially die from the self-inflicted wound,” Carlton said.

Aiken Department of Public Safety officials said Jarvis, 64, shot Lynn Carlisle, 68, in her home on Cherry Hills Drive. When officers arrived, he had already shot himself in the chest.

Jarvis fired on officers, who returned fire.

Several hours later, Jarvis died while undergoing surgery at Medical College of Georgia Hospital.

According to a family member, the couple married in May 2005 and divorced in January 2011.

Two Aiken County sheriff’s deputies and two public safety officers who were in the home when shots were fired have returned to duty after undergoing counseling.

Three other public safety officers remain off line-duty assignments. Authorities said the three officers who fired weapons will remain off line duty until the South Carolina Law Enforce­ment Division and the Soli­ci­tor’s Office have concluded their investigation.

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