Center for Hydrogen Research to be expanded and renamed

Savannah River Site’s management contractor will finance a $3 million expansion to Aiken County’s Center for Hydrogen Research facility, which will also be renamed.


The agreement between Savannah River Nuclear Solutions and Aiken County, which owns the center, will add 6,435 square feet of finished laboratory space to the facility in the Savannah River Research Campus that adjoins SRS.

The building will also be renamed as the Applied Research Center “to more accurately reflect the diversity of research and development initiatives,” according to a news release from Savannah River National Laboratory and other entities involved in the project.

The 60,000-square-foot Center for Hydrogen Research, which opened in 2006, houses the Savannah River National Laboratory’s Hydrogen Technology Research Laboratory, a 24,400-square-foot lab complex primarily used for unclassified research into new applications for hydrogen technology, USC Aiken research and small-technology companies.

The expansion will be privately funded, via a $3,000,000 expenditure authorized by the board of directors of SRNS. Upon completion, SRNL will lease the space. The Department of Energy has authorized an initial10-year lease, the announcement said.

Dr. Terry Michalske, the executive vice president of SRNS and director of SRNL, said the investment would yield multiple benefits to SRNL.

“In addition to providing us with new, contemporary research labs, the addition of more off-site laboratory space makes it that much easier for us to partner with universities and private companies,” he said.


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