Kroc Center of Augusta offering Ultimate Loser Challenge

The Kroc Center is launching a 12-week weight loss competition called the Ultimate Loser Challenge. Teams of four to six will compete to see who can lose the greatest percentage of weight and body inches by Nov. 23.

The Kroc Center of Augusta is challenging people to step on the scale and shed the pounds.


The Ultimate Loser Challenge, a 12-week weight loss and wellness program, begins Sept. 3. Teams of four to six people must register and make an initial weigh-in by Sept. 2.

To win the competition, the ultimate loser will lose the greatest percentage of weight and body inches by the final assessment on Nov. 23, said Beth Bargeron, the marketing manager for the Salvation Army of Augusta. Five other weigh-ins are required during the program.

The goal of the program is not just weight loss. Participants will be encouraged to focus on their spiritual well-being, Bargeron said.

“It’s not just to run faster or be skinnier, but to change your entire lifestyle,” she said.

The program also includes nutritional assessments, access to all fitness classes at the Kroc Center and free registration for the boot camp class.

Team competition helps motivate individuals and provides a support system during the program, Bargeron said. The Kroc Center encourages teams of friends, co-workers, church members or anyone else with a mutual interest in a healthier lifestyle.

“The whole point of doing it on a team is so you can hold each other accountable for showing up to boot camp class and going to weigh-ins,” Bargeron said.

Four times during the program, the Kroc Center will hold team-challenge days designed to get participants out of the gym for a fun, nontraditional workout, such as an obstacle course.

Prizes include a yearlong membership to the Kroc Center, personal and nutritional training sessions, a CPR class and four massages.

Prizes will also be awarded to the winning team and the person with the highest participation.

Participants must be members of the Kroc Center and 18 or older.


Registration for the Kroc Center’s team weight loss challenge begins Saturday with an orientation session at 10 a.m. Those unable to attend can sign up until Sept. 2 at the Kroc Center, 1833 Broad St.

The program costs $50 in addition to Kroc Center membership costs. Those purchasing a membership for the first time must bring photo identification.