Maxine Macon takes breast cancer diagnosis in stride

Maxine Macon, who was diagnosed with cancer in August 2011, said she is "determined not to let cancer take over my body."

A routine mammogram detected a lump in Maxine Macon’s right breast. She adopted a matter-of-fact attitude about her diagnosis, which she said surprised her doctors.

“I can’t really explain it,” she said. “My faith is what brought me through it. I’ve still got my faith, my strong belief in the Lord. I know he brought me to it; he will bring me through it.”

Macon said once she learned she had cancer, her only question was “when can we do it?” in regard to her treatment.

“I said, ‘I’ve got to go through it; tell me what I need to do,’ ” she said.


AGE: 58

FAMILY: Husband, John; children, John Macon Jr. and Ja’Mesha Macon-Johnson; son-in-law, Rodney Johnson; grandchildren, Rodney II, Ra’Myah and Ry’Anah Johnson

OCCUPATION: Retired, Army

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: August 2011; mastectomy and four rounds of chemotherapy

HER ADVICE: “Have faith. Get closer to the Lord. If they’re closer to the Lord and got faith, the Lord will bring them through it. Don’t let the negatives feed into you.”



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