Karen Usry-Kitchens fights breast cancer 'one day at a time'

Karen Usry-Kitchens was never sick during treatment for breast cancer. She lost her hair, "but that didn't bother me," she said.

When Karen Usry-Kitchens found a mass in her right breast, she didn’t know what it was.


Her family didn’t have a history of breast cancer. She was working as a nanny at the time and when she told her employer about it the next morning, the woman drove her straight to the hospital. A biopsy confirmed cancer.

“At first I was scared,” she said. “But I put everything in God’s hands and let him take control.”

She had heard horror stories about others’ battles with the disease, but for her it wasn’t as bad as she had heard.

“I was never sick,” she said. “I did lose my hair, but that didn’t bother me.”



AGE: 43

FAMILY: Husband, Chris Kitchens

OCCUPATION: Student at Miller-Motte University

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: January 2005; mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation

HER ADVICE: “Just take it one day at a time. To me, the best thing would be the support of the family. A lot of prayer. Take it one day at a time.”