Family helped Jan Marsh through breast cancer treatments

Jan Marsh, of Louisville, Ga., said she beat breast cancer with the help of her husband, Terrell. "My family support was fantastic," she said. "They were all there." Marsh went through three months of chemotherapy and had a double mastectomy.

Jan Marsh found a lump in her breast one morning while getting dressed. Marsh, who lives in Louisville, Ga., went
that day to see her doctor, who sent her to an oncologist in Augusta. He confirmed it was cancerous.


The surgeon performed a lumpectomy and thought he got it all, Marsh said. But when the results from her bloodwork came back, he expressed concern over some markers in the blood testing that suggested more cancer.

“He could go in and do another lumpectomy, but he could not assure me he could get it all,” she said.

She opted for a double mastectomy because breast cancer runs in her family.

Marsh said she got through the ordeal with the support of her family, co-workers and friends.

“I think I did really well,” she said.

The chemotherapy was very tiring, and she had to make the hourlong drive to Augusta several times a week. Some of the medications gave her migraines; some made her nauseated.

“I ran the gamut of everything you could have as a reaction, I had it. It may not have lasted very long, but when I had it, it felt like (I was) dying,” she said.


AGE: 64

FAMILY: Husband, Terrell; sons, Jason and Shawn Henderson; 11 grandchildren

OCCUPATION: Receptionist at Fulghum Industries, Inc.

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: November 2010; lumpectomy, three months of chemotherapy, double mastectomy

HER ADVICE: “Ask questions. Ask your doctor everything that comes into your mind. Keep a journal. Let your family know what’s going on. Try to stay upbeat.”