Breast cancer survivor Barbara Paul was determined to avoid mother's, grandmother's fate

Barbara Paul was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2011. She said a good support team helped her through it.

Barbara Paul found a lump in her right breast while doing a self exam in May 2011. She made an appointment with her doctor, who watched for several months to see whether it would shrink. When the mass increased in size, the doctor did a biopsy and, finding cancer, performed a mastectomy.

Paul said she got through it with the help of a good support team. Co-workers and family members went to treatments with her.

“It was really just love and support,” she said. “I kept thinking about my grandchildren and my children. It took my mother and my grandmother. I wasn’t going to let it take me.”


AGE: 42

FAMILY: Father, Charlie Paul; sons O.J. and Angelo Jr.; daughters Yeuande’ Williams and Angela Pringle; and three granddaughters

OCCUPATION: Paralegal assistant for attorney Evita Paschall

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: September 2011; six treatments of chemotherapy, 6½ weeks of daily radiation and a mastectomy

HER ADVICE: “Keep your head up and keep going. Stay strong because if you don’t it will get you.”



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

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