2004 diagnosis was a shock for breast cancer survivor Bobbie Johnson

Bobbie Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. "I'm cancer free for eight years, and I thank God every day."

Bobbie Johnson had a history of lumps in her breasts. Previous biopsies always found them to be benign. When Johnson found a lump in her right breast in 2004, she was certain this time would be no different. Besides, the mammogram she had just had didn’t show anything.


“It was really shocking,” she said of the diagnosis. “When they told me, it was like they just punched me in the face.”

Losing her hair because of the treatments was devastating.

“But I survived that. It’s something that, once you come to the realization that it’s that or life, a choice for life wins every time,” she said.

Johnson said she met people who were going through the same thing, and some did not make it. She realized it could have easily been her.

A private person, she told only those closest to her about her condition.

“It’s hard to help them understand it when you don’t fully understand it yourself,” she said. “I felt like I had the necessary support that I needed from the people that were closest to me. At the top of the list was God. I leaned on him heavily.”

In the eight years since her battle, Johnson watches what she eats, watches for signs of the cancer returning and goes for her regular checkups.



AGE: 55

FAMILY: Husband, Biscayne; daughter LaEbonia; son Alton, daughter-in-law Keesha; granddaughters Amelia, Olivia and Madison

OCCUPATION: Administrative officer for the Army, Fort Gordon

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: Feb. 10, 2004; lumpectomy, four rounds of chemotherapy, 40 radiation treatments

HER ADVICE: “Come to terms with it themselves. They have to accept that they’ve got it and to remain positive throughout. It’s not going to beat you; you’re going to beat it. If they don’t have a religious background, or if they’re not involved in the church or some spiritual connection, that they seek that to help endure it. That’s what helped me – my relationship with God.”



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