Faces of Survival: Barbie Sayers

Cancer survivor Barbie Sayers

FAMILY: Husband, Doug; and sons, Ben, 12, and Ryan, 9



OCCUPATION: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Georgia Health Sciences University


DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: Sept. 3, 2010; chemotherapy, double mastectomy and radiation


HER STORY: Throughout six months of treatment, including a double mastectomy, Sayers, 46, only missed a handful of days at work.

“There’s still work to do and there’s still kids to take care of. There was still stuff to do and that kept me going, instead of sitting around all day,” she said.

Sayers had a lump in her right breast that doctors thought to be a noncancerous cyst. Then, the lump grew bigger and her skin turned red.

After chemotherapy, her long, brown hair grew back gray and curly. Despite losing both breasts in surgery, Sayers remained optimistic and found support in family members.


HER ADVICE: “Try to do one day at a time, especially when you don’t feel good,” she said. Let others help you and take time to rest, even if you aren’t used to doing so for yourself.



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