Pardon our mess: Underground wiring cover

WHERE: The corner of 10th and Broad streets, near the former location of Eros Bistro.



WHAT: A lid covering underground wiring has been broken and placed to the side, leaving a hole about one foot deep and creating a hazard for pedestrians. A green traffic cone has been placed into the hole to warn passersby.


WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Unknown. Steve Cassell, the assistant director of traffic engineering, said Friday that traffic engineering staff will be sent to investigate the hole and determine who is responsible. Given the color of the cone, Cassell said he believes that an outside company is responsible for the underground wiring at the location and for repairs.


ACTION PROMISED: Traffic engineering staff are expected to examine the hole and the wiring on Monday or Tuesday to identify the responsible party.

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Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

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