"Slum" designation, other items go for committee approval



Augusta Commis­sion members have a heavy agenda at committee meetings Monday that includes discussing designating all of downtown a “slum” under state law to issue bonds.

The designation, questioned by some commissioners and approved by others, is required under Georgia’s Urban Redevelopment Law for the city to use redevelopment powers in the area, such as issuing $26.5 million in tax-exempt bonds to complete renovations at the Municipal Building.

Going along with the designation is an urban redevelopment plan for the area and scheduling a public hearing on the designation and plan Sept. 23.

Forty-eight other matters are scheduled for discussion by six committees, including updates from City Administrator Fred Russell on the budget and the Augusta Convention Center.

Also on the agenda:

• Moving forward with a plan to create a State Court Traf­fic Bureau to streamline processing of moving violations

• Approving a $1.3 million match for a $5.3 million federal grant to build a new administrative and maintenance facility for Augusta Public Transit

• Amending the city code to penalize businesses that don’t provide a tax return stating actual gross revenues when renewing business licenses. More than 4,400 Augusta businesses didn’t provide the return last year, according to agenda documents.

• Approving a $395,465 change order to renovate 57 showers in “deplorable condition” at Webster Detention Center

• Approving a $3.4 million “action plan” for dispensing Community Development Block Grant and other federal funds

• At an 11:30 a.m. meeting of the pension and audit committee and a 12 p.m. meeting of the full commission with attorneys, finalizing a Dis­advantaged Business Enter­prise program for federal transit projects and discussing having the injunction against race-based preference in city contracts lifted

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