Driver's license requirements still confusing some

Make a list before making a trip to apply for or renew a Georgia driver’s license.


The Georgia Department of Driver Services says many drivers still aren’t aware of additional documentation requirements that took effect July 1.

Susan Sports, a Georgia DDS spokeswoman, said people are showing up with some, but not all, of the required documents.

“We do have people that come in that just haven’t heard about it at all,” Sports said.

The new law requires customers to go to a Department of Driver Services customer service center in person and present their original identification documents. They have to prove their identity, Social Security number and residential address.

After the law took effect, many customers reported long wait times. Sports said those problems, compounded by computer issues, were sorted out as personnel became more familiar with the changes.

Many married woman with a legal name change had the biggest problems with the new requirements, Sports said. Anyone with a legal name change needs additional documents, such as a marriage certificate or decrees for adoption or divorce.

Some women could not renew their licenses because the last names on expired licenses did not match birth certificates, Sports said. Initially, a marriage certificate was the only accepted document, but the list has been expanded to include several other documents showing the married name.

The Department of Driver Services recommends that every person create a custom checklist of documents using the agency’s Web site. The department also warns that Tuesdays are typically the busiest days with longest wait times because offices are closed on Mondays.

“You’ll be prepared, and you’ll have exactly what you need,” Sports said.


• One original or certified document to prove your primary identity

• One document to prove your Social Security number

• Two documents to prove your residential address

• Appropriate name change documents, if needed

For a full list of acceptable documents to satisfy each requirement, visit You can make a custom checklist and print a list of all documents accepted.



AUGUSTA: Customer service center, 3423 Mike Padgett Highway

EVANS: Customer service center, 4408 Evans to Locks Road

HOURS: Tuesday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon