Augusta workers to be paid for day off

City buildings and offices will be closed Wednesday, but because it’s no longer a furlough day, employees who don’t serve in public safety roles get the day off with pay.


Wednesday was one of two furlough days the Augusta Commission voted Sept. 6 to convert to a paid day off, after a $1.6 million surplus turned up in the 2010 budget, City Administrator Fred Russell said.

“We used money that we saved the year before,” he said.

Though it might prevent some walk-in customers from doing business with the city, leaving the buildings closed from Wednesday through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend creates some savings in utilities and other expenses, Russell said.

“It’s hard to measure, but it’s savings all the same,” he said.

The day off does not affect firefighters and sheriff’s deputies, whose days off were staggered through the year to prevent a furlough-day public safety deficit, Russell said.

Biweekly employee paychecks that were being docked by a percentage equal to the five originally scheduled furlough days have been adjusted, according to Human Resources Manager Rob­by Burns.


Thu, 07/27/2017 - 23:04

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