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Comments from readers:

RAVE TO OUR President Obama. He is our president, and you can’t do anything about it. God put him there.

TWO OF PRESIDENT Obama’s greatest accomplishments? He has made Nixon look like the paragon of truth and Jimmy Carter look like a financial genius.

PRESIDENT OBAMA DID not divide this country. The racist Republicans divided this country. Open your eyes, please.

I HAVE NO DOUBT that Obama will use Superstorm Sandy to his advantage in some way or another.

I AM AMAZED AT how many middle class people vote against their interests and vote for Mitt Romney because of their hate instead of their love for this country.

THE NATIONAL Pro-Life Alliance reports that U.S. Rep. John Barrow “voted not once – not twice – but four times for taxpayer funding of abortion.”

WE NEED JOHN BARROW to stay in there. He should have supported our president more, but having him speak out for us most of the time at least is better than Lee Anderson refusing to speak.

FOR ALL WHO believe President Obama has caused race relations to sour, I must say I respectfully disagree. In my short time in this city, I have witnessed more racism and hatred than any city I’ve had the opportunity to live in previously.

A VOTE FOR BARROW IS a vote for Obama. Vote Anderson whether he’ll debate or not.

REPUBLICANS PUSHING for Democrat John Barrow tell us that Lee Anderson will be a rubber-stamp congressman. They are right. He will rubber stamp Romney, Ryan, Cantor, Boehner, et al. Good for Lee Anderson!

WE CANNOT MOVE our country forward by following the same failed Democratic policies that got us into this mess in the first place. We had a growing economy until the Democrats gained control of Congress after the 2006 elections.

SORRY, DR. JOHN Barge. Competition is exactly what our education system needs.



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