Election Day Rants & Raves

Editor’s Note: Because of the overwhelming number of election-themed Rants & Raves received, we are offering these for our online readers.



Election comments from readers:


THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is that Mr.Romney gives away his money and Obama gives away OUR money.


WHY WOULD LEE ANDERSON want to debate a person who would say anything to get elected, like some of the others (or most of them) in Washington? We just need an honest person for a change.


HUGE RAVE TO John Barrow for the most clever campaign ads ever.


A RANT TO THE recent letter-writer who went on and on about how there is little prejudice at present in America. A new, just released AP poll shows that 51 percent of Americans now express explicit anti-black attitudes. It would be a tragedy if racial prejudice costs Obama the presidency.


OBAMA BUDDY TIMBERLAKE making fun of poor people at his wedding. Go figure.


AM I THE ONLY ONE who can’t stand George Clooney?


HOLD ON TO YOUR coffee cup: Obama wins easily! Why do I say this? Because Republicans and their Tea Party mistress have tried 50 different ways to blame and tag President Obama for failing to improve the economy but to no avail. Republicans are a day late and a dollar short as usual.


RAVES TO OBAMA FOR checking on the people and giving up campaigning during Storm Sandy. He even spent time with Gov. Christie of NJ and Romney would not do that.


I WATCHED AN information show on one of the networks last night. President Obama gave a “shout out” to nurses who evacuated babies from an intensive care unit that had lost power during hurricane Sandy. Think about this, if those babies had been born as a result of a botched abortion President Obama voted to leave them to die when he was in the Illinois Senate. Why praise the nurses who fought to keep them little babies alive when President Obama voted to let similar babies die?


FOR FOUR YEARS, Obama’s go-fers have been inventing more government red tape than the law allows, literally. Now, Hero Obama tells the government to cut the red tape for Storm Sandy victims. Why did he invent the red tape to begin with? To control more of YOUR personal life. A week from now, he’ll pile on more red tape.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN Lee Anderson is asked to make a speech in the U.S. Congress? Will Mitt Romney do it for him?

Lee Anderson, please SAY something, anything, anytime and to any of us voters eventhough it will not make any sense except to the less than 1 percent of voters in Columbia County who are farmers like yourself. Also try to get a new modern tractor.


RANT TO FREDDIE SANDERS. You have to realize that when you refer to a group of people as you would refer to a “thing” that you will lose any support you may have had e.g., “the blacks”.


RANT TO VOTER SUPPRESSION advocates. You have to realize that the more you try to keep someone from doing something, the more they want to do it. It is one of the epic battles being fought in every household that has teenagers in it.


POLITICS APPEARS to bring the worst out of a lot of people, but I refuse to let that happen to me. I’m smarter than that. I’m smart enough to know that I will work with, live with, love and appreciate Republicans, Democrats, Independents and people of all races, creeds and ideologies. I’m smart enough to know that on Nov. 6, I will vote my Christian conscience and go back to putting my ultimate trust in the one who never shares power. I’m smart enough to know that I will PRAY for the success of whoever is in the office of president, because as a Christian, that is what I’m called to do. I’m smart enough to know He created us to be better than this. So mainstream, don’t try to incite me with your hateful words and racist attitudes, for which we shall all be held accountable. My God has taught me better...and I’m smarter than that!


OBAMA CALLS ROMNEY a liar, while Obama’s lies continue to set historical lying records. Is Obama aware that he’s lying? Or is he so stupid he doesn’t even realize it?


VOLTAIRE SAID, “It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” Obama’s’ government is always wrong, so America is in dire danger.


I JUST HEARD ON local TV news that Roundtree (running for RC sheriff) would rather let 10 guilty people go than to arrest one innocent!! Is he kidding?


FOR STORM VICTIMS, Obama says, “We are here for you.” Considering his destructive track record, those are frightening words.


HAS ANYONE NOTICED the influx of imported Obama voters in our area? Maybe they are community organizers driving BMWs and Jaguars from out of state. I hope the voter registration office is watching carefully for fraud. Also I would like to know if the county population goes down after the election.


RANT TO ALL the politicians who retract their statements. Don’t say what you mean and then go and clarify what you meant to say. You said what you meant the first time.


JOHN BARROW ONLY votes against the Democrats when his vote will not count. If it is a close vote, he will toe the party line.


AS USUAL WITH political people, I am flip-flopping. I am switching my support from Big Bird to Dagwood for president.


IT HAS BEEN MENTIONED on the news that they are going to put monitors at the voting precincts. This is really against federal law and this duty has already been assigned to the Panther organization.


RANT TO ALL the people complaining about immigrants. Unless you are Native American, you too are an immigrant. Go back to your country, too!


BILL KIRBY, IF YOU want telephone solicitors to leave you off the list, you have to make it worth their while to leave you off. Sass them. I did that when I first moved into town around 1989. I “played” with their minds and time and threatened to tell their managers about them. I have rarely been bothered since and I did not officially sign up on any “do not call” list.


BRENT WEIR for mayor of Blythe. Run, Brent, run!


A BIG RAVE TO the people who painted the Romney signs in Columbia County. That’s less votes for Obama because they just forfeited their vote.


WHAT DO NATHAN DEAL, The Board of Regents, Azziz and Obama all have in common? Can you say incompetence?


PLEASE VOTE IN District 9 for Harold Jones.


I VOTED FOR AMERICA. Are you going to vote for America or are you going to vote black or white?


IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that everyone get out and vote if you are able to because we really need to see a turnaround in this country and our community. If you want to see a turnaround in the economy and want to see Social Security and Medicare saved for future generations, please vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket.


IN 2004, OBAMA was against same sex marriages. So, does that make him bigoted, spiteful, and prejudiced?


THE MEDIA TELLS US that Obama has locked in the majority of the votes from women, blacks, Jews, Latinos, Catholics, academics, college students, dead people, and con artists. It appears that the only hope we have to keep from becoming the Socialist States of America is for white American men to get off their collective posteriors and go vote in record numbers.


AN ELEPHANT IN Korea can say (imitate) a few words and phrases in human speech. Maybe Obama will hire the elephant as an adviser. A Korean talking elephant makes more sense than Obama.


WE NEED TO GET RID of all politicians before they doom the earth.


WILL OBAMA ALLOW foreign ships to bring help to NY & NJ, or will he turn them away like he did after the BP spill, to protect his union buddies?


EVERYTIME LEE ANDERSON is speaking on TV, they ought to have subtitles on the screen like they do for the “Honey Boo Boo” family.



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