Barrow opens Broad Street campaign office

U.S. Congressman John Barrow has opened a new campaign headquarters in downtown Augusta.

Barrow spokesman Richard Carbo invited the public to a 6 p.m. Friday open house at the campaign office on 1036 Broad St.

Barrow, a Savannah attorney, recently bought a home on Wheeler Road in Augusta after state legislators drew his Savannah home out of the 12th Congressional District.

A Democrat, Barrow has maintained a field office in the ANIC Building, 925 Laney Walker Blvd., for several years. The leased space downtown, owned by Haltermann Partners, costs Barrow $4,000 in rent, according to a July campaign financial report.

Barrow faces the winner of a Republican primary runoff for the seat in November. Unless a recount changes the runoff results, that will be Grovetown state Rep. Lee Anderson.

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