Allen makes campaign stop in Augusta

House member says GOP will need to unify



Stopping short of endorsing the Republican frontrunner, U.S. Rep. Rick Allen said Friday he prefers Donald Trump as president to anyone Democrats might put in office.

“I would rather work with Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, I can tell you that right now,” Allen, R-Augusta, said during a campaign stop Friday in the city. “If we have our nominee in the White House, then we can stop this obstructionist government that’s keeping us from making good decisions and changing the direction of the country.”

Allen said his first re-election bid has kept him too busy to spend much time on presidential campaigns. He had supported Ben Carson, who endorsed Trump on Friday.

“One thing about this primary process that you must think about is once you get through with the primary, you’ve got to unite this party,” Allen said.

He noted his accomplishments in voting against spending taxpayer funds for abortion, working to fully fund the military and to protect farmers. He said reining in the power of federal regulatory agencies, eliminating executive amnesty and strengthening cybersecurity to defeat enemies such as Islamic State was critical.

“We have created some jobs, but we can do much more. There is no reason this economy can’t be growing at 4 percent. We can create 10 million new jobs,” he said.

Allen, who owns a construction business, faces retired businessman Eugene Yu for the Republican nomination May 24. Joyce Nolin, a retired educator, and freelance journalist Tricia Carpenter-McCracken are seeking the Democratic nomination. All are from the Augusta area.

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