Where U.S. House Georgia District 12 candidates John Barrow, Lee Anderson stand on key issues



PARTY: Democrat

AGE: 56

FAMILY: Son, James; daughter, Ruth

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Athens-Clarke County Commission, 1990-2004; U.S. House, Georgia’s 12th District, 2004-present

EDUCATION: University of Georgia, bachelor’s degrees in history and political science; Harvard Law School, Juris Doctor

 BARROW ON REPEALING THE HEALTH CARE LAW: The Republican promise was “Repeal and Replace.” Unfortunately, they never offered a replacement. As soon as one is put on the table, I’ll vote to repeal the bill that gets rid of the bad to keep the good things we all agree we need. Until then, I’m leading efforts to repeal the employer mandate, individual mandate and the advisory panel that decides care for patients.

 BARROW ON PAUL RYAN’S BUDGET PLAN: I do not support the Ryan spending plan because of the devastating cuts it makes to Medicare. Under this plan, Medicare beneficiaries would see their health care costs rise, would be forced to negotiate with the insurance industries for care and would be left with a voucher that doesn’t keep up with the cost of their care.

 BARROW ON MILITARY SPENDING CUTS: I oppose across-the-board military cuts in large part because of the devastating effects they’d have on Fort Gordon. Folks don’t realize the Pentagon has already offered $500 billion in spending cuts, and to further cut our military would be irresponsible. I’m working with Sens. Isakson and Chambliss to ensure that our military bases aren’t put on the same chopping block as less useful areas.

 BARROW ON FEDERAL FARM SUBSIDIES: Georgia’s agriculture business is critical to our local economy. The first thing we need to do is work across the aisle to pass a farm bill that provides a safety net for local farmers. I played a leading role in passing the 2008 farm bill by working with both parties. I’m working to ensure that Georgia’s farmers aren’t left out and get the help they need when the economy or the weather turns against them.



PARTY: Republican

AGE: 55

FAMILY: Wife, Donna; son, Ben; daughter, Katie

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Columbia County Board of Education, 1985-93; Columbia County Commission, 2004-09; Georgia House, 2008-present

EDUCATION: Abraham Baldwin College, Brewton Parker College

 ANDERSON ON REPEALING THE HEALTH CARE LAW: We must repeal Obamacare and replace it with common sense, market-based solutions that enhance the doctor-patient relationship and make quality care accessible and affordable for all Americans. I will work with Mitt Romney to finally repeal Obamacare, protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors, and get America growing again.

 ANDERSON ON PAUL RYAN’S BUDGET PLAN: It’s time to stop the wasteful spending, budget shell games and political posturing in Washington and get back to the basics. We can’t spend what we don’t have and certainly can’t spend our way out of debt. Based on their reckless behavior, it is abundantly clear that John Barrow and Barack Obama lack the courage needed to get our fiscal house in order.

ANDERSON ON MILITARY SPENDING CUTS: I refuse to balance the budget on the backs of our military men and women. They have sacrificed enough and shouldn’t have to cut more because of Washington’s reckless behavior. I will be a strong advocate for Fort Gordon and Fort Stewart in Congress and will never vote to shortchange our military or Department of Defense.

ANDERSON ON FEDERAL FARM SUBSIDIES: Having served as president of the Columbia County Farm Bureau for 27 years and on the House Ag Committee, I have a proven record of supporting pro-agriculture legislation. I live it every day in my farming business, and I am committed to supporting Georgia’s largest industry. Overregulated and overtaxed, we need to cut tax rates, promote policies that lower operating costs and repeal the estate tax.

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