Where Augusta Commission Super District 9 candidates Harold Jones, Marion Williams stand on key issues



AGE: 43

FAMILY: Wife, Kimberly

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Elected Richmond County solicitor in 2004; ran for state House in 2002 and state Senate in 2010

EDUCATION: Glenn Hills High School; South Carolina State University, bachelor’s degree; North Carolina Central University Law School, Juris Doctor

JONES ON THE STORMWATER FEE: The commission should first determine that there are no other resources to help with the flooding issues. But as a community we also must realize that these fees may become needed not only to deal with flooding but also with the issue of pollution. The EPA is creating stringent guidelines on water pollution.

 JONES ON RAISING TAXES: I am against new taxes. We need to look at ways to become more efficient in government. Efficiency does not mean government on the cheap, it simply means using technology to improve governmental services. We can improve government services without raising taxes.

 JONES ON THE CONVENTION CENTER: It is really tragic that we could not develop a good compromise on this contract. On Monday, our contract issues were highlighted on statewide radio. That is a black eye to the community. There had to be room to maneuver for both sides in that contract. I cannot believe there was not a fair deal to be made for the taxpayers and to the management company.

 JONES ON THE CITY ADMINISTRATOR: Average. There is certainly room for improvement.



AGE: 64

FAMILY: Three daughters; three granddaughters

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Served two terms as District 2 commissioner

EDUCATION: T.W. Josey High School; attended seminary

WILLIAMS ON THE STORMWATER FEE: I don’t see any maintenance work being done. Before I support that stormwater tax, I want to make sure we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing. If we’re not growing, why is the stormwater backing up on us? Before I could support that, I think I would have to look at it very close.

WILLIAMS ON RAISING TAXES: We keep adding a half a mill, a quarter mill. If we’re going to raise our taxes, we need to raise them to the level they need to be to get what we need and do the things we say we’re going to do. We keep saying no more taxes, but the commission needs to look at the taxes, what the money is going to do and quit putting that fear on the taxpayers.

WILLIAMS ON THE CONVENTION CENTER: I can’t agree to give a contract to somebody whether they do business or not. If you’re going to pay a caterer $3,666 a month, if we’re going to do that we’ve got to do it on a large scale. All that TEE Center stuff is here, now we need to make the best of it and keep our hands and eyes on who’s getting what and what it’s going to cost us.

WILLIAMS ON THE CITY ADMINISTRATOR: He needs to be held accountable so we inspect what we expect, and make sure he has an evaluation. He has made several million-dollar mistakes. He said he took responsibility, but somebody needs to be held accountable. If you look at other employees of the city, they made some mistakes and did things wrong; they got fired.