District attorney candidates Evita Paschall, Ashley Wright make case for election



PARTY: Democrat

AGE: 61

FAMILY: Three children, one grandson

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran for 10th Congressional District, 2007

EDUCATION: Howard University, bachelor’s degree; University of Georgia Law School, law degree

PASCHALL ON HER EXPERIENCE: As a former solicitor and municipal judge, “it’s easy for me to communicate with people in law enforcement.” Paschall said she’s known both Richmond County sheriff candidates for years and forging a new professional bond would not be difficult.

PASCHALL ON HER VISION FOR THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE: Her goal is to give precedent to defendants waiting for trial without bond. “You should try the one that’s more important,” Paschall said.

PASCHALL ON HER MANAGEMENT STYLE: “I strongly believe in delegating” and trusting the people you hire are going to do the job expected of them.



PARTY: Republican

AGE: 45

FAMILY: Single

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran unopposed in 2008

EDUCATION: Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, bachelor’s degree; Mercer University, law degree

WRIGHT ON HER EXPERIENCE: Working with law enforcement is second nature after 16 years as a prosecutor, not only in Richmond County, but Burke and Columbia counties, too. “I have strong relationships with all of the law enforcement communities around here.”

WRIGHT ON HER VISION FOR THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE: Over the next four years, Wright envisions providing software to law enforcement in the district that will improve information sharing. By receiving information faster, assistant district attorneys can build their criminal cases and resolve them quicker.

WRIGHT ON HER MANAGEMENT STYLE: She encourages teamwork and promotes a family atmosphere in the office. “We take care of each other both workwise and personally.”

* Indicates incumbent