Jesse Stone, Robert Ingham vie for Georgia Senate District 23 seat

Georgia Senate District 23

Name: Jesse Stone, Republican (Incumbent)


Age: 56

Family: Wife, Amanda; children Drew, Laura and Sarah

Political experience: Served one term as mayor of Waynesboro, Ga.; elected to state Senate in 2010

Education: University of Georgia, Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor

Why are you running for re-election? “To serve the people of the 22nd Senatorial District. I feel like I can contribute service, having represented small businesses and working people for over 29 years. I bring a local government perspective to state government, which means I’ve been very careful about not imposing unfunded mandates.”


Name: Robert Ingham, Democrat

Age: 66

Family: Single, one son

Political experience: None; has run for office five times in Richmond County

Education: Attended Vorhees College, Augusta Tech

Why are you running for office? “Primarily because the incumbent got in by default, and the Democratic Party is squeezed for membership. If they take one more state Senate seat, they can go home and eat lunch – in other words, they can shut off debate and not hear the other side with more than two-thirds. Nineteen is the magic number as far as numbers of state senators we need to maintain at least some facsimile of a party.”



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