It's too early to play hooky, right?

When school started recently, I looked on our newspaper’s Spotted section to see whether any of our local grandchildren had any photographic evidence they were actually in school and not engaging in opening-day hooky.


I didn’t see photos of them in the online sections devoted to the three schools they attend, but then, I knew their parents had not been at the schools to record the moment in digits. I guess they just were out of the camera’s sight.

Still, I thought our grandkids could have worked their way into other students’ shots, maybe lurking in the background in the form of photo bombs. If so, they would have inherited that skill naturally from my wife.

At another granddaughter’s high school graduation a couple of years ago, my wife popped up in the background in the family photos of graduates she didn’t know. At times, she would walk up and hug a grad and get her photo taken with him or her. She’s like that.

I wasn’t too worried that I didn’t see our grandchildren online. Perhaps on the first day of school they had already been summoned to the principal’s office for some infraction and were nowhere near the cameras. Or maybe school policy prohibits photographic evidence of kids being wheeled in strapped to hand trucks and wearing Hannibal Lecter masks.

I’m not saying those circumstance apply to our grandkids. Not this early in the term, anyway. Actually, they’re good kids. Smart. Beautiful. Talented.

Camden is the ultimate athlete. He is a star on the baseball diamond and loves football in its season and just about anything else that involves throwing, hitting or kicking something. He knows all the stats and doesn’t always follow the right teams as far as I’m concerned, but I’m sure he’ll grow out of it.

Karson is pure teenager, pretty and involved in normal teen activities except that she has entered the term with a positive attitude, and the other day her biggest thrill was in showing us how well she had done on her first Spanish test of the year.

Nolan is intense and energetic, and at 7 delivers the best hugs of anyone we know. He also is the one who jumps to the ready if my wife needs help with anything around the house; he is a hard worker.

Reagan is only 4 and has no public school experience, but she is the champion of play. She devotes a lot of time to her play houses and ponies and dolls and things, but everyone else is allowed to sit in her periphery so long as they don’t actually try to touch any of the main toys: “No, you watch.”

I just realized that our grandchildren haven’t asked us to eat lunch with them the way they did years ago. We sat through a lot of macaroni and cheese and chocolate milk in the early years. Hmmm. One of these days I’m going to surprise them at lunch – if they’re actually in school.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

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