Fair skies rule over our homes

Now begins a calmer week, but one full of movement. Some of you are leaving town after visiting for a few hectic days. Others are returning from spring break. Children are going back to school. Those of us who stayed in our own houses and kept working are readjusting to the traffic.


If you were here last week, you enjoyed the weather. That’s one of the area’s attributes that I always point out to visitors and job applicants. I tell them really bad weather generally bypasses us, and that was the case last week.

As I sat up with the dogs one night to keep them calm in the coming “severe thunderstorms and tornadoes” promised, by the television stations, I was relieved that the winds and lightning again took an alternate route.

Many times when storms are predicted, my wife stays up and stays with the dogs so I can get my normal four or five hours of sleep. She’s nice like that. Last week, though, the storm front arrived late and she had gone to bed. When I noticed all the frightful alerts and colors and exclamation marks on the TV screen, I saw no need to wake her, so our two chicken dogs and I awaited the next twister to Oz.

“Doom! Destruction!” the corners of the TV screen screamed. Outside, a gentle rain fell from heaven and an occasional whisper of thunder sneaked past the curtains into the house. The dogs whimpered instead of staging their usual audition for Barking With the Stars.

The TV still said my county was in the path of horrible storms and tornadoes that had already dealt destruction to the states west of us. After a while, even our excitable dogs quit believing the forecast and went to sleep, and somewhere around 4 a.m., with a grateful heart, so did I.

Actually, I was more relieved than the dogs. You see, we had a new roof put on our house recently because of a rare windstorm. (Yes, we occasionally do run afoul of the weather around here.) I wanted to see whether it would stand up to the latest storm. Thank the Lord I didn’t find out that night.

The gentle rain was doubly good thing because it washed the pollen off our cars. Pollen is the worst weather we have here, and I was happy to see it run away – yellow! – in the gutters. Spring blooms are great, but not in our lungs.


FIRST LOVE: I lost my first girlfriend last week. Well, my first crush, I suppose, because Annette Funicello never knew I was alive.

She was an older woman, 13 when I met her on my TV screen. She was one of the original Mouseketeers on The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s, and I was a few years younger. She was talented, beautiful and nice – the opposite image of Madonna, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and so many more today. She acted decently in roles and in real life, even after being sidelined by illness way too soon.

So long, Annette. See you real soon.