Academy of Richmond County seeks Hall of Fame nominations

Portraits of the Academy of Richmond County's Hall of Fame inductees, including journalist Judy Woodruff, are on display in the school's library. Nominations are now being accepted.

The Academy of Rich­mond County is accepting nominations for a second round of inductees for the school’s new Hall of Fame.


The oldest public high school in the South created the Hall of Fame and accepted 12 members in October. Com­mit­tee member Jim Par­due said the school plans to induct new members every year but reduce how many are brought in over time.

“With the school dating back so far, the school needs something like this,” Pardue said. “ARC history is Augusta, Ga., history.”

He said the committee will select eight people to be inducted at the next banquet in October. Nominations must be submitted by March 31. Nomi­nees must have graduated from, coached or taught at the school at least 25 years ago.

For the inaugural class, Richmond Academy selected notable alumni and past

coaches and educators. They included Bennie Ward, the school’s first black student, who went on to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; coach A.L. Williams, who won seven consecutive state baseball championships at the school; and former Georgia Gov. Carl San­ders,
a politician credited with improving education in the state.

The Hall of Fame is meant to honor those who made significant contributions to the school or society.

Pardue said the committee is looking for a diverse lineup to include sports stars, educators, politicians and humanitarians.

“It’s for people who have gone from Richmond Aca­demy and done very well, represented the school very well,” Pardue said. “We want to have, each year, a mixture of people to represent the older years as far as 1800 and so forth.”

Portraits of Hall of Fame members are in the school’s library. Pardue said the committee is working to create a more visible space that will accommodate the growing membership and help honor the legacy of those involved.


Nominations for the Academy of Rich­mond County Hall of Fame must be submitted by March 31.

Mail nomination forms to:

Academy of Richmond County

910 Russell St.,

Augusta, GA 30904

ATTN: Hall of Fame Committee

Nomination form
Slideshow of first class
Hall members


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