Aiken, Edgefield schools show some ratings improvement

Public school systems in Aiken and Edge­field counties showed some improvement in their ratings in 2012, according to the South Caro­lina Department of Education’s state and district report cards released Tuesday.


Absolute ratings measure schools’ effectiveness based on student achievement on standards-based assessments, such as the Pal­metto Assessment of State Standards, end-of-course assessments, the High School Assess­ment Program and the graduation rate. Growth ratings compare schools’ performances to the previous year.

For 2012, Aiken County maintained an “average absolute rating” and improved its “growth rating” from below average to average.

Edgefield County improved its absolute rating from at-risk to average and its growth rating from below average to average.

Sixteen Aiken County elementary schools maintained their absolute ratings. Of those, three were excellent, 11 were average, one was good and one was below average.

Millbrook Elementary School improved from a good absolute rating to excellent.

Seven elementary schools improved their growth rating, four declined and 10 maintained last year’s rating.

At the middle school level, 12 maintained their absolute ratings. Most were rated average. Busbee Corbett Elementary Middle School fell from average to at-risk, while Lloyd-Kennedy Charter School improved from at-risk to below average. Both maintained a below average growth rating.

North Augusta High School demonstrated the biggest improvement in the area, rising from average to excellent in the absolute rating and from at-risk to excellent in its growth rating.

Fox Creek Charter High School maintained an absolute rating of excellent for three consecutive years and maintained a good growth rating.

In Edgefield County, Strom Thurmond High School maintained an average absolute rating and a below average growth rating.

Johnston Elementary maintained a below average absolute rating and fell from good to average in its growth rating.

In absolute ratings, Johnston Elementary maintained below average, W.F. Parker Ele­mentary stayed at average and Merriwether Ele­mentary kept its good rating. Douglas Ele­mentary fell from average to below average. JET and Merriwether middle schools maintained average absolute ratings.

The report shows the graduation rate across the state is 74.9 percent, one percentage point higher than last year. Each school and district report card is available in detail at



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