School board to address hiring practices



The Richmond County Board of Education will discuss hiring procedures and student-teacher ratios in Advanced Placement classes at its regular meeting today.

Concerns about hiring practices surfaced in August at the board’s fall retreat. Some board members said there is cronyism in the district that gives candidates with connections an advantage over those who are more qualified.

“We’re not fair in our hiring practices,” board Vice President Venus Cain said. “It creates problems because we’re not getting the best qualified people.”

Board President Alex Howard said his main concerns are with communication and timeliness of hiring. When the school year began, Howard said, there were seven school-level administration positions vacant.

He also said that communication is an issue and that cabinet members are not informing the human resources department about vacant positions as they come up or giving recommendations for promotions.

“I think the cabinet members are the ones inside the schools, and their feedback needs to be heard,” Howard said.

The board will meet at 6 p.m. at the central office at 864 Broad St.



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