As they face merger, Augusta State University nursing students have questions

Nursing students look for unification details

When students in the Department of Nursing at Augusta State University first heard they would be merging with the College of Nursing at Georgia Health Sciences University, “it was a huge shock,” said Caitlin Pye, set to graduate in May 2013.


And it set off a flood of questions.

“When is tuition going to go up?” she said. “How are we going to park down there? Are we now switching curriculum or is the curriculum going to stay the same?” Her classmates can tick off more than a dozen others, from how will it affect financial aid to simple ones like “What is the new name?”

College of Nursing Dean Lucy Marion and ASU Department Chair Charlotte Price have formed committees that are working on a lot of those issues, from big to small, as the programs look to merge in December on GHSU’s campus.

Having a girlfriend in nursing at GHSU, Ryan Teheng said he has more insight than perhaps some of his classmates at ASU. While the ASU campus is more “suburban,” GHSU has “definitely a different vibe as far as going to school in a downtown setting,” he said.

Although she met the criteria to apply to GHSU, Silver Sanders said she chose ASU “based on what I had asked other people, what the prestige was between the two colleges and which was a better program.” That she will end up at GHSU anyway “I don’t know that it has really sunk in because we still have so many questions,” Sanders said.

For Angela Griffin, she wants to know what her diploma will say when she graduates in May 2013. But none of it really matters, she said, as long as in the end she gets her bachelor of science in nursing “and I am a good nurse.”

Augusta State University, Georgia Health Sciences University to run 3 nursing programs in parallel on path to unification


A look at differences between the Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs in the College of Nursing at Georgia Health Sciences University and in the Department of Nursing at Augusta State University:

BSN students182179
Minimum GPA to apply2.82.5
Criminal checkYes*Yes
Drug screenYes*Yes


* if accepted



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