Students, staff being tested for TB at Louisville Academy




Jefferson County Health Department is testing students and staff at Louisville Academy this week who were in close proximity to two students who have been diagnosed with Tuberculosis.

“The main thing people need to know is that there is no one infectious in the schools,” said Tammy Burdeaux District Nursing Director for the East Central Health District. “Two people have been identified, they have been pulled out of school and they are being treated. We have gone into the schools and identified their points of contact and those contacts are being tested and we will go back Friday to read those tests.”

Janet Pilcher, nurse manager of the Jefferson County Health Department, said that all CDC protocols are being followed.

On Monday the school put out an all call to parents who have children at the elementary school and sent letters to both the parents of children who shared classes with the infected students, and those who do not, notifying them of the protocols the school is following.

According to Emmitt Walker, the public information officer with the East Central Health District, individuals usually have to share the same airspace with an infected person repeatedly, for long periods of time before the infection is spread.

The disease cannot be spread by sharing drinks, toys or other items, officials said.

“There’s no need to panic here,” Walker said. “It’s not easily spread and there are adequate treatments today for TB when it is detected early.”



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