Twins at top of Grovetown High School graduating class

Sisters ruled the day at Grovetown High School’s graduation at James Brown Arena on Saturday.


The valedictorian and salutatorian representing the school’s third graduating class, consisting of 325 seniors, are twins Emily and Erin Chizmar, respectively.

In their addresses, the pair quoted Leo Tolstoy, Eleanor Roosevelt and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Both talked of change and the journey they and the rest of their classmates were about to embark upon.

Erin Chizmar also spoke about faith and what it can accomplish.

”I believe in humanity and I believe in love,” Erin Chizmar said. “I believe through love we can change the world.”

Emily Chizmar liked what had been created through her years at the school and those who had been a part of it.

“The best thing about high school is the memories,” she said. “Every person, every moment, every day. They combine to create the experience of high school. Friends have been supportive and teachers inspirational. For me, teachers have been more than influential, they have been life-changing.”

Before the ceremony, nerves were high.

“I’m nervously excited,” Brianna Mercado said. “Come Monday, I won’t be able to go to school and and talk about it with my classmates. It’s a little bittersweet.”

After walking across the stage and receiving their diplomas, however, the feelings had changed to those of relief.

“It’s a special day,” said Jonathan Ritter, who will head into the U.S. Army. “It’s a day out of high school and time to move on with life.”

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