About 100 Paine College students watch presidential debate

Local college students watching the presidential debate listened intently to the candidates’ plans for the nation’s financial stability, especially lowering college tuition costs.


Paine College junior Ashley Taylor, of Atlanta, said she’s not confident in economic plans presented by Obama or Romney. “Neither candidate really has a good idea of what to do to get us out of this debt,” she said.

She doesn’t believe in the president’s promise to keep college tuition low. She called Romney’s plan to cut taxes for one group of Americans and not another “mythical.”

About 100 Paine College students gathered in the Peters Campus Center to watch the debate Wednesday night.

Tekeya Peterson, a junior who receives financial aid for school, said she is researching what the candidates are offering to keep school affordable.

“We need to be mindful of what each candidate is trying to say and research what each are trying to bring to students,” she said.

The candidates’ debate style and demeanors also were helping solidify Peterson’s vote. Romney’s assertiveness was contrasted by Obama’s sense of humor, she said.

Wesley Fulton, a senior from Florence, S.C., said each candidate had strong reasoning to support their approaches to the Medicare issue, but he agreed more with Obama.

Health care costs should be kept as low as possible for seniors, Fulton said. The issue was an important debate topic personally because his grandmother uses Medicare.

Sean Anderson, a freshman, was watching the debate because he wants to be informed the first time he exercises his right to vote. Romney’s ideas on education were convincing, but Obama was more specific on lowering college costs, Anderson said.



Thu, 11/16/2017 - 22:50

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