Where Richmond County school board District 1 candidates Marion Barnes, Lucien Williams stand on key issues



AGE: 78

FAMILY: Wife, Nancy; son, Barry; daughter, Nanette

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: 12 years, Board of Education

EDUCATION: Paine College, bachelor’s in science and mathematics; South Carolina State University, master’s in education counseling; Georgia Southern University, master’s in administration and supervision; Tuskegee University, education specialist

BARNES ON STATE FUNDING CUTS: Require a minimum amount for reduction and have schools and departments assess their needs and recommend what they could give up that would not adversely affect student achievement.

BARNES ON TEST SCORES/STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Target and require teacher training in area(s) of student weakness.

BARNES ON FURLOUGH DAYS: Gradually reduce administrative and auxiliary personnel by attrition. My position is to retain as many personnel who work directly with children as possible.

BARNES ON HIRING PRACTICES: Identify and revise or remove policies that present a threat to fairness. While all policies may not be perfect, I am not aware of any policy that denies equal access.


AGE: 57

FAMILY: Wife, Cassandra; sons: Riley, 30, Zadoc, 28


EDUCATION: University of Wyoming, bachelor’s in history

WILLIAMS ON STATE FUNDING CUTS: Streamlining overhead costs without taking money away from the classroom and not raising taxes is the only viable option.

WILLIAMS ON TEST SCORES/STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: We can improve by diligently requiring continuing education and recertification for our teachers and increased testing for all students at earlier ages.

WILLIAMS ON FURLOUGH DAYS: I would like to work toward gradually reducing furlough days by reducing administration overhead.

WILLIAMS ON HIRING PRACTICES: We should ensure that a fair and practical hiring process is put in place so that the most competent teachers are hired.

* Indicates incumbent