South Carolina attorney general's office warns of e-mail scam



Did the South Carolina attorney general’s office e-mail you threatening an arrest? If so, you might be part of a scam.

The office has received numerous calls about the scam, which has spread across seven states: Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.

The e-mail, which falsely claims to be from the South Carolina attorney general’s office, claims to be an “attorney retainer agreement” and comes with the subject line “Final Legal Notification.” The document also contains seals from the attorney general’s office, the U.S. Department of Justice and a group called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

According to a news release, the e-mail contains the name of an actual South Carolina lawyer who is not involved in the fraud and a message that says, “All this agreement is about the legal case on your name and we are going to Arrest you for the same. So before we send police to your mailing address give us a call back.”

The attorney general’s office is asking recipients to not respond but to report it to the actual attorney general’s office at (803) 737-3953.

“It is important to know that this is a scam,” Attorney General Alan Wilson said. “The attorney general’s office does not communicate about criminal matters this way, and it never sends an ultimatum demanding someone to take specific steps to avoid being arrested.”