Augusta fire sergeant accused of hitting daughter's boyfriend



An Augusta firefighter was arrested Sunday after being accused of striking his daughter’s boyfriend several times, police say.

Joseph William Galvin, 44, of Augusta, was charged with misdemeanor simple battery, according to Richmond County jail records. The Au­gusta Fire Department confirmed Monday that Gal­vin is a sergeant with the department.

According to an incident report, Colton Brown, 19, told police that he drove to Wrights­boro Road at Stovall Street to pick up Galvin’s 19-year-old daughter. Brown parked behind Gal­vin’s car and his daughter jumped in.

Galvin approached the car and told Brown to stay away from his daughter. When Brown responded with expletives, Galvin grabbed him by the shirt and struck him several times in the face, according to the report. Galvin’s daughter, who tried to intervene, was also struck in the face by accident.

When Galvin backed away, Brown left. Brown
told police that Galvin threatened to kill him as he drove away.

Galvin told police that he was arguing with his daughter before the altercation with Brown, whom he suspected of hitting his daughter. Galvin said he approached Brown’s car to talk to him, but became upset when Brown responded with expletives.

Both Galvin and his daughter stated that Galvin didn’t threaten to kill Brown.

Before leaving, deputies observed a red mark on Brown’s cheek.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

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