Augusta home invaders use hot iron on victim

Armed home invaders robbed a man and woman of more than $500 in items Sunday, at one point pressing a hot iron to the man's hand demanding information.


Edward Speights, 31, told police that he had arrived home in the 3900 block of Union Grove Circle just before 1 a.m. when someone yelled at him to get on the ground. The man then brandished a black revolver and shot at the ground before striking Speights on the right side of the face with the pistol, the Richmond County sheriff’s report said.

A second man pulled Ash­ley Hicks, 23, out of the car. Speights and Hicks were forced to enter the home and get on their knees, the report said.

One man stood with Speights and Hicks while the other ransacked the house. Speights was taken to the back bedroom and forced to lay face down on the bed while Hicks was given a trash bag to fill with clothes.

One of the men plugged in an iron while continuing to ask, “Where’s the money and jewelry?” When Speights said he had none, the man pressed the iron against the back of his right hand, causing it to burn. Speights said the men then left. Police later learned that Hick’s wallet was stolen from her purse.

Speights was treated for his burns at the scene.

A neighbor told police that she heard gunshots that sounded like they came from across the street. A short while later, she said, she saw two black men leaving the house with full trash bags and a flat-screen television.



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 16:18

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