Columbia County sheriff's deputy fired after DUI arrest

A Columbia County sheriff’s deputy was terminated Friday after an arrest for driving under the influence.


Deputy Gregory Smith was arrested about 1 a.m. in Richmond County for driving under the influence, speeding and a handlebar violation, according to Columbia County sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris.

Smith was terminated for conduct unbecoming a law enforcement officer.

“Because of Smith’s position in law enforcement and the public trust bestowed upon him, to say that we are disappointed is an understatement,” Morris wrote in an e-mail Friday afternoon.

Smith has worked in Columbia County since March 2009.

“As we’ve demonstrated in the past, we enforce the law, and in this case enforce our policies no matter who is involved,” Morris said.

“To have an officer
involved in such activity is not only a violation of the law and the public’s trust,
but also a dishonor to this agency and the deputies who uphold the integrity and honor that goes along with the badge.”