New Richmond County sheriff's building should be completed by August

Construction of the new sheriff’s administration building is on target for completion in August.


It couldn’t be soon enough for those watching eagerly across the street in the current administration building at 401 Walton Way.

“I’m excited about moving,” said Lt. Jimmy Young, who has been a member of the sheriff’s office since the 1970s. “This place has been a disaster all these years.”

The current building, built in 1985, has been plagued with leaks and mold since its opening.

Jay McClellan, the project manager of the new building, said that will not be an issue this time.

“We tested the building to be dry before we put the brick on,” he said.

Crews should finish the brickwork by the third week of June, leaving only the parking lot, landscaping and inside jobs.

McClellan, who also oversaw construction of the Richmond County Courthouse, said he expects a substantial completion in August, but it will probably be October before the administration moves into the new offices.

The building will be checked for issues that need to be addressed before move-in.

Col. Gary Powell said the sheriff’s office already has rented a shredder to deal with some of the paperwork that could make the move more difficult.

“We’re ready to get out,” he said. “Everybody’s ready.”

Once the 35,000-square-foot building is complete, it will house administration, the records bureau, the civil division, criminal investigations and a crime lab with a two-car garage for processing suspect vehicles.

It’s not just the big features that are getting employees excited. Some are just as thrilled over the small additions.

Powell said the new building will have break rooms and a full-service kitchen, “as opposed to a microwave in a closet.”